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How Universities Can Achieve Total Network Visibility in a Fast, Flexible Log Solution That Won’t Break the Bank



Presented by Corelight & Humio

To make sense of university network traffic, security teams usually turn to logs like Netflow and/or full packet capture (PCAP). Common logs like Netflow, however, leave gaping visibility gaps and PCAP, while comprehensive, isn’t SIEM-compatible and is too much data to analyze quickly or store at scale. Moreover, security teams often find themselves forced to make painful data cuts when their fixed budgets meet inflexible pricing models. 

A university-friendly alternative from Corelight and Humio, however, can deliver full network data fidelity and instant operational insights through unlimited-ingest pricing. Corelight’s Zeek-based sensors transform university traffic into comprehensive logs, extracted files, and custom insights and Humio’s flexible log management platform can cost-effectively ingest and query *all* the data, so university security teams don’t have to compromise on network visibility and can make fast sense of network traffic. 

Register for this webcast to learn about successful university deployments and use cases built around these joint solutions and to hear from Michigan State University about how they overcame these security and data management challenges. Corelight and Humio enable security teams to cover what they’re missing on their network, at any scale, big or small. 

Register for this webcast to learn:

  • How universities use Corelight and Humio to secure remote campuses, tackle border security projects, and gain visibility into massive traffic footprints
  • How Corelight Sensors can help universities monitor cryptocurrency mining activity and network anomalies such as large numbers of SSH connections
  • How Michigan State University created role-based views for data within repositories and provided multiple IT teams with filtered sets of data without having to completely duplicate the data.
  • What Humio's unlimited ingest means for university log strategies and the use of network data from Corelight 
  • And more...

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Scott Szparza, Head of Incident Response Dye, Michigan State University

Scott Szparza leads incident response at Michigan State University. Prior to that, Scott served as a security sysadmin for Liquid Web and in technical roles at the Michigan Retailers Association and FEV, Inc.  Scott has a B.A. from Lansing Community College and holds CISM, CISA and CISSP certifications. 


John Gamble, Director of Product Marketing, Corelight

John Gamble is Director of Marketing at Corelight and has over a decade of experience working in the data protection industry representing security, identity verification, and privacy technologies. He joined Corelight from Lookout, a mobile endpoint security company, where he served as Director of Product Marketing. Before Lookout he lead marketing at Virtrue and prior to that served in various marketing roles at TrustArc. He holds a bachelor’s from Georgetown University. 

Jason Rosensteel, Director of Sales North America, Humio

Jason has over 17 years of technology-related industry experience. He is a startup veteran that has been a part of Splunk, Appdynamics, Snaplogic, Rackable Systems (Now SGI), Makara (Now Red Hat's Openshift), CrossFit, and has been a consultant for various organizations. Jason started out with a B.S. in Computer Engineering and became a "geek that can speak". He enjoys solving hard problems and being a part of growing movements with purpose. Often he is found building organizations, processes and systems with one hand, while inspiring customers and creating successful partnerships with the other. 

*Bro is now known as Zeek!